This course will guide the County Committee on the art of recruiting and processing candidates.

The Constitution Party Organization course will take the student through the official manual of the national Constitution Party.  

This manual is intended to provide the State Chairman with useful information for CP party building. The Manual provides assistance in building and growing your organization at the state and local levels, along with examples that can serve as models for releasing your creativity. 

The manual is organized around the primary goal of party building. Making a political organization work is like bricklaying. Thousands of small actions go into building a single precinct, let alone a whole state. Right now the workers are few. Your job is to multiply them.

County Committees are the strength of any political party. County Committees can,

  1. have a great deal of influence in the consideration of local government ordinances,
  2. support candidates both financially and by providing candidates with teams of volunteers,
  3. directly place candidates on the ballot for numerous local offices AND, in many cases, state offices,
  4. direct the operation and policies of the state party by participating in convention and electing state party leadership.

This course is designed to be a help to you as you develop, grow and operate your committee. It is a big responsibility and we are here to help.

Welcome aboard. The path to a successful rebuilding of our state and nation is often full of speed bumps, slander, ridicule, frustration and criticism, but the satisfaction of being a part of solution is, in my opinion, well worth the trip. When we look back from our victories, the difficulties getting there seem to fade away.